The selection of the power of the lamp holder for the solar street lamp

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-08
The selection of the power used by the lamp holder of the solar street lamp
If the power of the LED lamp holder of the solar street light is too large, then the battery may be aging early due to over-discharge. If the power is too small, the brightness is not enough and unnecessary cost waste is caused. This situation presents a low probability, but when we choose the LED lamp holder of the solar street light, we must carefully choose its power. If the demand for brightness is high, the size of the LED solar street light source should be larger. There are also some solar street light manufacturers who will choose the most suitable solution for you out of your own consideration. If you do not need to be exceptionally bright according to your actual situation, you can also listen to the manufacturer's suggestions. Many solar street light projects will not be bothered after they are installed. Of course it is not good to do so. Although solar street lights do not need to be repaired or taken care of by a dedicated person, they also need to be checked on time. Damaged premises should be repaired in time. If the solar panels have not been cleaned for a long time, the solar panels should be wiped occasionally.
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