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Factors Affecting the Lighting Time of Solar Street Lights


Battery capacity

The energy supply and storage of solar street lamps are completed by batteries (lithium batteries). Now the technology of batteries (lithium batteries) has a certain life span. The batteries of solar street lights commonly used currently include colloidal lead acid batteries and lithium batteries. And the span life of colloidal lead acid battery is generally 3-5 years while the one of the lithium battery is generally 2-3 years. If the use of solar street lights exceeds this period, you need to consider replacing the battery.


Climatic conditions

Generally speaking, the accumulation time of sunshine in the north (the number of sunshine hours in a year) is longer. There are more precipitation and cloudy days in the south, so the sunshine time is less, which directly affects the effect of lighting. Solar street lights absorb much less energy than sunny days on rainy days. If the number of consecutive rainy days in the local area is longer, we must make a good calculation when choosing the configuration of solar street lights to ensure that the solar street lights are able to light normally when cloudy and rainy days.



PV panel cleaning

The main function of solar Photovoltaic panels is to convert light into electrical energy. Solar panels are easy to accumulate dust if they are exposed to the outside for a long time, especially in places with a lot of sand and dust. Excessive dust accumulation leads to a decline in conversion efficiency, and also causes that the charging amount is lower than the discharging amount and shorten lighting time. In this case, you need to clean the Photovoltaic panel and charge it for two days to restore the original lighting time.

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