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Significance of Solar Street Lights in Rural Construction


Reducing energy consumption and reducing lighting expenditure has always been a problem that has troubled the development of rural road lighting. In order to reduce lighting costs and achieve low-carbon lighting, new solar street lights are replaced and installed, which saves 50% of electricity compared with traditional lamps, and has higher brightness, no ultraviolet rays, and 30% heat dissipation. Annual electricity bills can save millions. The solar street light project not only brings energy-saving lighting to the countryside, but also saves lighting costs. With the continuous transformation of rural road projects, the installation of solar street lights has brought new light sources to the countryside, and it has also enabled rural areas to achieve energy-saving lighting. Low energy consumption and high efficiency make it more convenient for people to travel.


What are the important meanings of solar street lights for rural construction?


First of all, we knew that the main problems in the rural lighting project are:


1. Funding problem, high in total expenses.

2. Installation and construction problems, troublesome wiring, incomplete protection measures in rural areas, and cables are easily damaged; construction is complicated and requires professional construction.

3. With regard to electricity expenditure, many street lamps are built only for decoration purposes, and do not light up at night.

4. Late maintenance issues require special personnel for maintenance, training, and high costs.


The emergence of solar street lights has precisely solved such problems. Electricity is provided by solar photovoltaic conversion, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. There are no accidents such as electric shock and fire, and installation is also convenient. The width of the rural road itself is narrow, there is no need to lay cables, and there is no need to carry out large-scale construction, which delays the villagers ’travel. The solar street lamp construction only requires a concrete base, street lamp assembly is carried out on site, and the lamp post can be directly erected and fixed with screws. Long life, high product technology content, control system, international brand, intelligent design, reliable quality. During operation, no manual management is required. Each solar street lamp has a separate controller. After the controller is set, it can automatically control the street lamp lighting switch, and can also set the light control on and off according to the actual use.


With the continuous development of the solar energy industry, solar street lamp technology is becoming more and more diversified. Faced with high energy efficiency in terms of energy saving, solar street lights have become the first choice for rural road lighting. Since the development of rural-urban integration in the countryside, the appearance of the village has been greatly improved, and the quality of life of the people has also been significantly improved.


The advantages of solar street lights perfectly solve the problems encountered in rural quantization projects, so it is inevitable to install solar energy street lights in rural areas, and it also reflects its necessity.

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