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Indoor solar lights are a great option to light up an area otherwise left dark. They’re cheap, easy to install, and spit out light for hours upon end. You’ll never have to buy batteries or fuel and you don’t even need to hire a company to install the solar panels on your roof! They’re perfect for a detached garage or shed, the side of the house, or as emergency light kits.


It’s actually exactly what it sounds like! It’s a pre-made system that includes a small solar panel connected to an LED lightbulb (or two) that has an integrated battery to store the electricity. To use the solar light, just install the solar panel outside or next to the window to charge the battery and your new solar light will go for a few hours to all night, depending on the size of the battery.

Depending on the model, the lights and solar panels can be screwed down permanently or installed temporarily so you take them with you camping as well. Prices range from $10 for a single light/solar panel kit to $60 or more for a more complex system or brighter lights.

Of course, we all have lights preinstalled in our homes, so what’s the point of an indoor solar light? Good question! Homeowners frequently use these to light up anywhere that doesn’t have electricity already run: a garage or shed, chicken coops, porches, camping tents, and even a dark side of the house.

Instead of paying an electrician to run wires all the way to your shed, why not just buy a little kit, mount the solar panel outside (many even comes with an adhesive back) and hang the light? You can’t get easier – or cheaper – than that!

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