Litel is a strong partner in the OEM business, because we concentrate the solar light technology for precision positioning worldwide. That gives customers the assurance that the best possible solution is always selected for their application and without any limitations.

All key technologies, the solar panel, the LED light and battery technology, and the control are developed exclusively by Litel. On the one hand, that assures the flexibility to realize energy saving quickly. On the other hand, the in-depth know-how makes solutions possible that are both technologically new and unconventional.

Production and qualification takes place exclusively at Litel and can therefore be geared to the expectations and needs of the customer.

What Distinguishes Litel

Litel is ideally positioned as a fast developing factory in high-tech China. That allows a quick and flexible support to customer requests and at the same time, offers the reliability and safety of established and tested processes. Litel is also well known for both the high quality of its products and total reliability in its customer relationships.

Reliability Begins in the selection of raw material

Every recommended solution is adapted individually to the customer- and application-specific requirements with respect to size, compatibility, and function. The ultimate objective is to provide an optimum solution that fits the customer application in the best possible way. When selecting the suitable technology, Litel pays attention to the corresponding guidelines from the customer.

The economic efficiency of a solution concept is an important point, which, together with the technological suitability, is also considered with the greatest care.

Litel focusses on quality during the production. For this purpose,we control the defective rate stickly and supply the best products&solutions to our customers.







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