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Lighting project on traffic roads from Litel solar lighting

Lighting project on traffic roads from Litel solar lighting



Lighting project on traffic roads from Litel solar lighting

Located Country: Malaysia

The lighting performance in nightime
Performance of 500W solar lighting in nightime
500W split-type solar street light in the 

Malaysia project on traffic roads from LitelSolar


At the end of 2021, we took over a lighting project from the Malaysia on a bustling traffic section. The road conditions are complex and various types of lighting solutions need to be arranged. We asked the client to get the project plan drawing, and after two months of back-and-forth confirmation, we finally finalized the final plan for the project.


The project covers an area of about 300,000 square meters. This street lighting project adopts environmentally friendly and energy-saving solar street lighting. The lamps are split solar street lighting sources, which are lit for 12 hours a night, and work as usual on 4-5 rainy days. High-efficiency polysilicon solar panels, The 48AH lithium iron phosphate battery can actually keep the lights on for 365 days.


The first phase of the project uses 50 sets of 500W solar street lights, more than 10 sets of solar street lights and landscape lights, 15 sets of traffic warning lights, more than 30 sets of mains lamps and more than 100 sets of light poles. In this project, the solar flood light adopts a relatively advanced design. Four sets of flood lights, 8 high-power solar panels and 8 large-capacity batteries are installed on the top of the 12-meter light pole, and the final installation and use effect is excellent.


The production and testing part includes two main links: the production of light poles, light sources and the inspection of batteries, battery panels, and controllers; the installation includes measurement and positioning, foundation pouring, installation of battery panels, installation of LED lamps, and hoisting of light poles. And the installation of the controller and the adjustment of the solar street light components are 7 links. After self-inspection, all branches and sub-projects have reached the qualified standard.


All lamps in this project are made of die-cast aluminum shell material, which accelerates the heat dissipation effect of the lamp shell, reduces the temperature of the LED chip, and has a longer service life. The lens specially designed according to the actual road can ensure that the overall uniformity, average illuminance and average brightness can meet the best requirements. After the completion of the project, it has won unanimous praise from the people. It is safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and there is no need to worry about walking at night.


The customer did not expect the effect of the lamps to be so good after the lights were turned on, and it did exceed expectations. The lighting brightness is high, the controllability is strong, and the maintenance is very convenient. The customer has considered our company as a long-term cooperative high-quality customer.


Also solar LED street lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The installation of street lights eliminates the need to dig trenches and line the line, which is very suitable for the renovation of old residential areas and the application of beautiful rural lighting. With the advancement of new rural construction, the lighting of beautiful rural solar LED street lights has received more and more attention.

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