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A Rural Solar Lighting Project in Cambodia

A Rural Solar Lighting Project in Cambodia

Cambodia Light project performance in nightime 
LitelSolar lights production and packing
Solar light head product led chips view

It is inconvenient to connect to normal led lights in rural areas, and the installation of normal led lights will consume a lot of financial and material resources. However, solar street lights are constantly being paid attention to by society because of their simple installation, high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection. 5-7M solar street lights are now more and more widely used in rural road lighting.


For this project, we chose our Nano All in two solar street lights installed at 7M and kindly check pictures of the lighting effect at 9 p.m.

The rural solar street light system is an independent power generation system, which is not restricted by the region or affected by the installation location. It does not require a power transmission and transformation system, and can only be installed in places with good lighting. Installation and construction are very convenient, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves energy, and generally has good economic benefits.


In particular, it is very convenient to add rural solar street lights to the roads that have been built. Especially when applied on roads far away from the power grid, the economic benefits are greatly reflected. 

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