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Solar street light near me--China countryside split-type solar street light project

Solar street light near me--China countryside split-type solar street light project

Solar Street Light in China Countryside Light performance in nightime

China countryside solar street light performance in nightime 01
China countryside solar street light performance in nightime 02
China countryside solar street light performance in nightime 03

At night, all kinds of lights are lingering, the lights are brilliant everywhere like the day. Of course, the lights here are not from the stars in the sky, but from the street lamps standing on both sides of the road.


The street light is very close to us now, but we rarely pay attention to it until the area it illuminates is suddenly filled with darkness, and everyone pays attention.


Today, we will focus on street lights and talk about the most used solar street lights around us.


Solar street lights, as the name implies, are composed of solar energy and lights, and more precisely, they should be composed of three system components: solar panels, batteries, and controllers. In comparison, the system composition of solar street lights is much more complicated. The main light sources used in solar street lamps are LED, DC energy-saving lamps, DC gas discharge lamps and electrodeless lamps.


Taking the areas with limited power resources in western China as an example, most rural power supply users are far away from the grid, and the households are scattered. The construction cost of high-voltage power transmission is 100,000-130,000 RMB per kilometer, resulting in high cost of erecting power supply lines. The power supply from the grid is mainly used to meet the living and production electricity consumption of rural residents, the most important of which are lighting, small household appliances, and agricultural irrigation. There may or may not be public facilities such as road lighting. With the maturity of solar photovoltaic power generation technology, solar photovoltaic power generation in many places is regarded as the best way to solve the problem of rural power generation.


In the city, the lighting of public facilities on both sides of the road and the lighting of buildings are a lot of expenses, and they need to be spent every day. The emergence of solar street lights has greatly alleviated the problem of large expenditure and high energy consumption of urban public facilities.


The photovoltaic power generation of the solar street light is stored in the battery during the day, and the battery supplies power for the street light at night and plays a lighting role. It has been widely recognized by the society for its advantages of no need to lay cables, no conventional energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and convenient installation.


However, many people hold a negative attitude towards solar street lights. They think that solar street lights in the system with "energy saving and environmental protection" as the main selling point have a great problem of wasting resource allocation. why would you said this?


Under most conditions of use, solar cells and power storage devices are idle, not only the system cost is bound to remain high, but also runs counter to the theme of energy saving and comprehensive utilization that the system itself should show. The lifespan of solar cells, battery life and other control components are often lower than the lifespan of LEDs, which is likely to cause relatively high maintenance costs.


What is the future of solar street lights? The answer is yes. From the perspective of economic benefits, according to calculations, based on the calculation of 4-meter street lights and 8-meter street lights, after using solar street lights, 4-meter street lights and 8-meter street lights can save about 2,190 kWh of electricity and 1,533RMB in electricity bills every year. It has a good profit space. From the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, its electricity comes from photovoltaic power generation, and it does not need to consume traditional energy. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. However, the problems mentioned above are also the main reasons for hindering the expansion of its market. At present, we understand that many companies are also improving these problems of solar street lights through technological innovation.


It is believed that in the future, the solar street light industry will be supported and promoted by many parties due to its obvious social and economic benefits, and the market scale of solar street lights may show a trend of rapid growth.

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