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Solar flood lights on billboards in Malaysia

Solar flood lights on billboards in Malaysia

Malaysia Solar flood lights on billboards

300W 6m installation height solar flood light

Malaysia Solar flood lights on billboards installation view 01
Malaysia Solar flood lights on billboards installation view 02
Malaysia Solar flood lights on billboards installation view 03

Are your billboards still using traditional high pressure sodium lamps?

The power supply application is delayed?

Even if it passes, do you still have to find someone to dig a groove and bury the wire?

Finally buried the wire and cable was stolen again?

The lamps have been damaged for three days and two ends?

What you need is a smart solar lighting system!


Recently, the solar flood light of LITEL Solar Lighting factory, combined with the use of solar energy, helped a customer in Malaysia to solve this problem-----Installing energy-saving and convenient solar lights for billboards.


The location of the billboard is on the side of a road leading to the suburbs that is slightly far from the urban area, and there are also high-pressure sodium lamps beside it, but due to the location, it cannot illuminate the billboard at behind, so a solution is urgently needed to solve this problem.


The customer said that the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp needs to go to the power supply bureau to apply for power supply first, and it takes several days before and after the approval, and often it cannot start for several days. Struggling to apply for power. And there is no need to worry about cables being stolen. The problem of cables being stolen frequently occurs. Often, workers have just laid the wires on their front feet, and their back feet are stolen. For this reason, our products are recommended to be used in combination with solar energy, without digging grooves and laying cables, eliminating the problem of cable theft.


We promise again and again to the customer that our solar flood light will hardly be damaged and free of maintenance fees, so that he will not have to worry about it. The installation process is simple, our products are matched with our drawings and lists, and four workers can do it in one day.



After the professional analysis and suggestion of our team, we adopt a 7+4 combination for the billboard in this place, and place 7 light groups in a row at the top of the billboard, and place 4 light groups at the bottom. All the solar panels are arranged behind the billboard shelf. The main purpose of this is to effectively illuminate the content on the billboard, and the solar panels will not affect the light control effect due to the surrounding lights.



The completion of this project is not only convenient but also super energy efficient. By using our products on the mains, standard big brands can save $2,000 a year on electricity bills. There is also our American Cree chip, which has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours; the lamp beads use lens light-emitting technology, distributed light-emitting, more uniform light, clearer picture, high color reproduction, and a visual range of up to 200 meters. The intelligent control system helps you detect the battery power in real time, adjust the power of the lamps in time, and achieve long standby time even in rainy days.



The main components of the billboard floodlight lighting system include: solar led advertising lighting fixtures, solar lighting photovoltaic power generation components, batteries, and intelligent controllers (light control). The solar module absorbs sunlight during the day, and through the transmission and disposal of the controller, converts the light energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery, and the battery releases the energy to the solar LED advertising lighting fixtures and other electronic equipment.


The way to increase your billboard business Light energy solar LED advertising lighting system is an innovative high-tech product, it can simplify installation approval procedures, solve the problem of insufficient brightness of traditional lights, uneven brightness, prevent cable theft, cable construction problems, and Never use electricity, solve the troubles of users and the company at the same time, the customer satisfaction is high, and the next order will naturally come soon!

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