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8 benefits of solar lights in 2020


In the past 10 years, the solar lights went to be more and more popular. The customers decided to buy solar lights because of the following benefits:

1. Environmental Protection

There is no doubt that the solar energy is green, clean and renewable energy. And LED is the third lights source which is energy saving and environmental friend. There is still a lot electric power from thermal power which generate a lot of carbon dioxide. However, the dioxide can cause greenhouse effect. So the widely using of the solar lights can low down the emission of the carbon dioxide.

2. Cost less to save money

Since the solar lights can be 100% energy. Zero electric bill will be paid after the customers install the solar lights. And customers can also save the cost in wire trench.

3. More easy installation

Normally, the installation of electric lights need wire trench by professional electrician. Do not like electric lights, there is no need wire trench for solar lights installation. Everyone can install the solar lights in 5 minutes after checking the manual. You can check our solar street lights installation manual here also.

4. Be more safe

Same as the LED, solar cell is also types of semiconductor. And all semiconductors are running in DC low voltage. Compared to dangerous 110-220V AC electric power, DC low voltage is very safe for human body.

5. More energy saving

There is the power supplier for every electrical lights which need transfer the 110-220V AD voltage into DC low voltage for led chip. And the power supplier need to waist 10% power of whole electrical lights power. And there is no need such power supplier for solar lights. For example, the led lights can reach 140lm/w only. And the solar lights can reach 155lm/w around. The same brightness, solar lights can be lower power accordingly.

6. Smart control

Because of the same reason low DC voltage for solar lights, we can realize smart controller function for solar lights such as: dark to dawn dim, motion dim and auto-time dim. Dark to dawn dim: solar lights can be on in the night and off in the night automatically. Motion dim: solar lights can be lighting with part of power automatically when there is no person nearby. Auto-time dim: solar lights can be settled with part of power lighting in several time sections.

7. More convenient

Because of the smart control systems of the solar lights, customers do not need to take care the solar lights anymore after installation. And the solar lights can free their hand and mind when they pass through the area.

8. More flexible investment

There are still a lot of areas such as the rural mountain area and island which have no money to have the electric power or cost much more money to set up the electrical power. Because high voltage transmission and transformation to that place is astronomical figures. So the solar lights make the lighting possible in that areas by investing much smaller money relatively.

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