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Five wrong ways to install solar street lights, don't do it again!


Solar street light is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly street light, so many urban lighting projects prefer solar street lights to led lights. However, there are usually some feed backs from customers that solar street lights stop working suddenly, which is suspected to be a quality problem. In fact, except for a small part of quality problems, most are caused by your incorrect installation method. Let's take a look at the following four wrong installation method:


1. Install in a place with many obstructions

The working principle of solar street light is that the battery panel absorbs the sun and stores it in the battery during the daytime and converts sunlight into electricity and power the streetlight at night. If the street light is installed in a place with many obstructions such as being blocked by many large trees or buildings, it cannot absorb sunlight, so the light will not light or light with dark brightness.


2. Install near other light sources

Solar street lights have their own control system that can recognize daylight and daylight. If another power source is installed next to the solar street light, the solar street light system will think it is daylight when the other power source is on, and it will not light at that time.



3. Install lights on both sides of the highway, but with solar panels tilting face to face

It should be very common to install lights on both sides of the highway, but there will also be a problem that the sun only rise from the east, there may be one side facing away from the sun and not absorbing the sun. The correct installation method should be that the solar panels face the same, so that the solar panels on both sides can absorb sunlight.


4. Solar street lights are put indoors

Some customers will install solar street lights in carports or other indoor spaces, but installing solar street lights in indoors will not work because its battery panels are completely blocked and cannot absorb sunlight, and no sunlight can be converted into electricity. If you want to install solar street lights indoors, solar panels and lamps need to be installed separately to allow the battery panels to be charged outdoors.

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