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Solar LED street light performance stability


Nowadays, society is vigorously advocating green environmental protection and low-carbon energy-saving life. Solar energy, as an inexhaustible and inexhaustible safe and environmentally-friendly new energy source, is gradually recognized, mastered and used by people. In order to popularize solar street lights, it is necessary to understand the stability of solar street lights and high-quality solar street lights with stable production performance.


The stability of solar street lights is mainly reflected in three aspects: Durable and normal lighting, high-quality LED light sources, and long rainy days.


Durable and normal lighting: Solar street lights absorb the amount of solar energy as energy. They charge during the day and discharge automatically at night. If there is a problem with the solar battery, the solar led lights cannot charge and discharge normally.


High-quality LED light source: It generally uses lamp bead, because LED lamp bead has many advantages, such as long lighting life, and not emitting excessive heat when used, which greatly prolongs the use of light source life.


Long rainy days: Solar street lights use solar energy to generate electricity. In the absence of sunlight, they must be able to perform lighting work normally. Solar street light manufacturers will also consider this issue when designing solar street lights. In the communication with customers, according to the local rainy weather conditions given by the customer, a suitable intelligent storage control system is configured to solve the problem that the local area can work normally during long continuous rainy days.

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