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Solar Christmas Lights For The New Year Events


We all love Christmas Days, That special time of the year we all celebrate and enjoy. People start to decorate their homes to fit with the Christmas spirit, and lights are one the most important elements in Christmas decoration.


Christmas lights or fairy lights are used for decorations to prepare for Christmas and for creating light and splendour throughout Christmas. The tradition of putting up lights for Christmas time has continued, and it is one of the most beautiful things that can be seen during the holiday season. The lights would automatically remind you of festivities, joy and of course, of Christmas time! Typically, the lights are put up not only on the Christmas tree itself but also on the trees on the sidewalk, street lamps, and you can see tiny lights streaming across the top of homes.


What if we don’t decorate with regular lights and start decorating with the solar Christmas lights! yes, you read that correctly Christmas lights are now powered by solar energy which means that you won’t only decorate your home but also save on money and energy at your house with these lights, beside that you will cooperate with saving the environment with these environmentally friendly lights.


Choosing to purchase a solar energy product can be a big decision. It might appear that solar power is not very common, but many people are switching to solar energy as not only a means of conserving energy but also as a means of saving up on electricity costs. There are a great variety of solar lights available in the market. Sometimes buying a simple and a basic light can actually become difficult due to the variety available in the solar-powered lights, especially during the Christmas time for the decorations!

How Do Solar Christmas Lights work?

Solar lights work through the photovoltaic effect. The solar cell is the most important part of the light. Technically, it is the solar cell that converts sunlight into a direct electrical current. Moreover, the strings of solar lights use a solar panel for generating power; there are no extension cords or wiring required. No concerns about electric lighting or running extension cords outdoors because these lights are perfectly safe for outside use. These days, with an emphasis on saving energy and being more aware of our environment, inventions like Solar Christmas lights are in everyday use.

Things to consider when buying Solar Christmas Lights:

Solar lighting has become an increasingly popular alternative to the conventional and costly electric lights that currently illuminate our homes and living spaces since they are affordably priced, simple and safe to install yourself. When shopping for solar lights, it is important to match the light to the function you want it to perform.

· Function

What is the purpose of putting up the lights? Is it to cover the whole house, the outdoors, or only the Christmas tree? Firstly one should consider the purpose of buying the lights and what exactly they have in mind for Christmas decoration. If it is just for lighting up the tree, then the “solar rope lights” would be the best ones to consider. Many decorations can be used inside the house by making sure the solar panel is in direct sunlight.

· Cost

Everything you buy depends on your budget. If you know how much you are willing to spend on lighting, you can choose the type of lights you want to buy. For example, you can get regular solar lights for decorating the outside of your house during the holidays, or you can even get “Solar task lights and spotlights” which are designed so they can be mounted in a number of ways. Most of the times, the amount you are willing to spend on a particular thing narrows down your search automatically.

· Does it Need Full Sunlight?

Before buying the lights and deciding where you want to install them, find out whether the battery needs full sunlight to charge or not. Some lights charge with partial sun and work great under trees or in areas with low sunlight. This type of solar light can also be charged on a cloudy day. These types of lights would also work well during Christmas time especially in colder locations.

· Colored or White?

Solar Christmas lights are available in different colours, multi colours as well as white lights. So depending on what is your colour preference you can choose whichever type of glow you prefer.

· Operating Time

Usually, solar lights perform year round and even charge the battery to provide operation during long winter nights. Some solar lights shine for several days before needing to recharge.

· Type of Light Bulb

Check the type of light bulb the solar light uses. LED lights offer the brightest and most efficient light when it comes to efficiency, size, price, and energy usage. Many accent solar lights use amber LED lights to create a warm glow.

· Usage

Another important factor to consider is whether you want to use these lights only during the holiday season, or throughout the year for other purposes also. In the former case, one should consider the lights which serve only the Christmas decorations purpose. While in the latter case, one should consider buying those lights which can be used throughout the year.

· Weather Conditions

Which solar lights you should get also depends on how the weather conditions are where you currently live and where you want to use the lights. This is an important point in deciding which lights you should buy. There are various solar power lights, which come with an AC or a USB charger to charge the lights during the times when there is poor or little sunshine, as in the winter season. There are other solar power lights, which have a dim mode as well so to use little light and that way the charging can go on for the entire night.


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