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Solar Garden Lights for Pathways, Patio


Solar garden lights became a trend in outdoor and landscape design, They work on a system that has three main parts, a light-emitting diode or LED bulb, a solar panel, and a battery. The solar panel which made from crystalline silicon converts solar energy into electricity to charge the battery, and then the LED bulb uses this electricity to operate during the night.

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Garden solar lights are the go-to choice for house owners to light their lawns and backyards instead of incandescent lights because they have no operating or maintenance cost and have no negative effect on the environment. 

Solar Garden Lights are More Efficient

Any garden solar light has LED bulbs which make it far more efficient than any other option. LED lights have become an alternative to incandescent bulbs. That’s because they use 90% less energy, have an estimated lifespan between 30,000 to 50,000 hours, don’t produce heat, and don’t have toxic chemicals like fluorescent lighting.

Easy to Install

Solar garden lights don’t require an electrical grid, digging or experience with electricity. All you need to do is to put the light in a sunny spot, let it charge and enjoy. That makes solar lights much safer than electrical ones to install around sandpits and playgrounds. Kids will be safe and away from any unwanted accidents.

Require no Maintenance

You won’t have to worry about maintenance with using solar powered garden lights. All they need is cleaning regularly to make sure the solar panel on each light working at its best.


Solar lights reduce your household energy consumption which will lead to less use of fossil fuel by the main power stations and reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

Cost Nothing to Operate

Solar garden lights cost nothing, absolutely ZERO, because they run entirely on the sunlight. The traditional 100-watt incandescent light would cost $131.40 a year if you left it burning 24 hours a day. The only downside of solar lights is that they have a much higher initial cost and limited by weather conditions such as clouds.

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What to Look for When Buying Backyard Solar Lights

There are 4 factors you need to check when buying solar lights for your garden:

IP Rank: IP rank or Ingress Protection rank measures how much protection the light will have against liquid such as water. Look for solar lights for your garden pathway and fence with IP higher than 64, those are completely waterproof.

Auto On/Off: To save time and energy, buy solar lights with an automatic on/off sensor, that sensor will turn the light on at dusk and turn it off at dawn.

Illumination: In general There are 2 types of lighting. Functional lighting with high Lumen provides the needed amount of light for tasks like reading and eating or for security. Style lighting low Lumen is for decorative reasons just to give the place a personal touch.

Note: The lumen is a measurement of how bright the light is.



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