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Solar Flood Lights For Large Outdoor Areas


Solar flood lights are one of the simplest options to reduce criminal activity around an area. It may be a home compound, a farm or a school, installing a good lighting system is assured to improve security. For most consumers, the decision to start using solar flood lights was probably the high cost involved with lighting up a wide area. Using floodlights connected to the national electricity grid may be expensive and erratic depending on the area hence the need for solar flood lights.

Solar energy is clearly the better option for consumers despite the high initial set up costs. Consumer research has proven that these high costs incurred when adopting the unconventional power source is later offset by the substantial amount of money saved. One such utility is the solar flood light.

Benefits of Solar Flood Lights

Solar floods lights can be installed in any location regardless of the areas accessible to the national grid or traditional energy. The powerful LED lights and improved design ensures that the floodlight generates more than sufficient amount of brightness to allow the user to see clearly during night time. Below are some more benefits that can be gained by installing LED solar flood lights.


  • Eliminates areas that can be used as hideouts in routes commonly traveled by pedestrians. Security lights remove potential areas that can be used by criminals to hide when waiting to waylay pedestrians. The light spreads over a wide area and leaves little in the dark. This provides added security for example around a house compound or around farm buildings.


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  • Provides facial recognition at a 30 feet distance. LED flood lights provide a lighting level that is closest to daylight allowing for increased visibility. The light produced gives the user facial recognition ability at a 30 feet distance. This means that a person can see almost every detail of their surrounding allowing them to recognize everything.

  • Enhances the use of other safety devices in the area such as cameras. Solar flood lights allow the use of cameras for security at night by providing the required lighting for it to capture what is happening. The solar LED flood lights can operate at a high powered light when motion activated to increase the camera’s capturing distance and increase its visibility and then switch to a lower light level for camera use. This ensures that the user can capture everything that happens at the specific location at all times including at night. Users may also combine the camera system and the solar powered flood lighting into one.

  • Prevent crime in an area. This is probably the main reason why people install solar flood lights. Solar power continues working even when the power is out. Criminals usually operate at this time and having the area lighted up will deter criminal activity and even if a crime was to occur it would be easier to identify the perpetrators because of the good lighting.


Increases night time activity and gives a feeling of security. The feeling of security was one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. With a solar-powered LED floodlight the user can move closer to achieving this need. The added security also makes people more comfortable in continuing with their business even at night for example guards can patrol more frequently if an area has good lighting.

Where Should Solar Flood Lights be Installed

The solar panel should be placed where it can get sunlight directly. The panel should not be hidden from sunlight during the daytime when it can charge. Before using the solar flood lights for the first time, it should be first be exposed to at least 6 hours of direct sunlight for enough battery stored power. The charge time is 6 to 8 hours in direct sunlight at a -20 to 60- degree temperature.

The floodlight should be placed high off the ground to ensure that the light hitting the ground is soft light meaning less blind spots.

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