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Basic Principles of Photovoltaic Effect of Solar Street Light


Solar panel made by the photovoltaic effect principle receives solar radiation daytime and converts it into electrical energy output at night. The photovoltaic effect is a phenomenon in which a semiconductor generates electromotive force when it is illuminated by light.


Photovoltaic effect is referred to as Photovoltaic Effect. Wind-solar complementary controller refers to the phenomenon in which a potential difference occurs between different parts of an uneven semiconductor or a combination of semiconductor and metal. It is firstly a process of converting photons (light waves) into electrons and light energy into electric energy; secondly, it is a process of forming voltage. With voltage, it is like building a dam. A loop of current will be formed If the two are connected.


If light is irradiated on the solar cell and light is absorbed in the interface layer, a photon with sufficient energy can excite electrons from covalent bonds in P-type silicon and N-type silicon, so that an electron-hole pair is generated. The electrons and holes near the interface layer will be separated from each other by the electric field effect of the space charge before recombination. The electrons move to the positively charged N region and the holes move to the negatively charged P region. Through the charge separation of the interface layer, an outward testable voltage will be generated between the P and N regions. At this time, you can add electrodes to both sides of the silicon wafer and connect to the voltmeter. For crystalline silicon solar cells, the typical value of the open circuit voltage is 0.5 to 0.6V. The more electron-hole pairs generated in the interface layer by light, the greater the current.


Solar energy will be the cleanest, safe and reliable energy source in the future. Developed countries are taking the development and utilization of solar energy as the main content of the energy revolution for long-term planning.

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