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Application of Radar PIR sensor solar street lamp in reality


Solar energy is a new energy source that is environmentally friendly and "inexhaustible" is constantly being applied in practice. According to China's national conditions and actual use environment, the technology of solar street lamps is improving day by day. When raising the gross national product, we must continuously improve people's production and living conditions. Solar photovoltaic power generation and various solar lamps have been developed in solar products, and these solar products are most widely used in rural China, which solves the problems of rural night lighting and some basic electricity consumption. The use of solar street lights saves the cost of municipal power supply to erect lines.


In China, because solar street lamps are widely used in rural areas, the selection of various accessories in the production of solar street lamps must be consistent with the local environmental conditions. Yang can be the most effective for solar street lamps. Environmental factors are an important condition. Most solar street lights now use the controller to adjust the lighting time and lighting power of the solar street lights, but because the environmental weather cannot be controlled, such as the sky is not dark at night but it is the time to light up The light turns on automatically. Another example is that in the winter morning and late at night, this time the solar street lights are turned off according to the previously set time. Therefore, this system has its inflexibility, that is, its insufficiency. Therefore, the solar street light can be controlled according to the brightness of the sky, and the solar energy can also be controlled by the human body. This can be because the use of solar street lights is much closer to the actual environment, and is more scientific and smart.


The solar street lights are generally made by infrared sensor module + PMW control. For the sensitive energy of the heating stage, it can detect the heat radiation of the human body. Simply put, it is like a sound and light controller in the corridor. It is a principle. With the electrodeless dimming, the intelligent street lamp has a single-chip control. Duty ratio, which is PWM to control the brightness, the lamp beads use environmentally friendly LED lamp beads. However, it should only be applied to areas where people walk, and it should not be applied to driving roads. The speed of the vehicle is too fast and the system perception distance is limited. If you want to use it for driving, you can use multiple PIR sensors and LDR sensors for faster vehicles. But now it is mainly for human body sensors, but not for the sensors used in vehicles. For human-sensing solar street lights, the sensing distance can be selected according to the installation distance of the solar street lights. Even if the distance is far, the sensing distance can be sensitive, which can achieve the most humanized requirements. The humanized device is safe and convenient 1. Full waterproof design: adopts the upper plate buckle and lower plate design, built-in waterproof sealing rubber ring 2. Convenient installation: height recommended 2-3 meters, night measurement * Illumination range 20 square meters 3. Humanized design : Adopt a pinhole type waterproof switch, activate smart permanently (pinhole switch, small hole marked ON.OFF, in the dark environment, pierce the small hole with the activation pin, it will light up for a while) 4. Infrared human body sensor : Directly facing the sensor head, the distance is made according to requirements.


Work process of solar human induction lamp: 1. It is charged by sunlight during the day, the ideal state is to charge for 8-10 hours, the placement requirements are set 2. The lamp automatically starts the micro-bright mode at night 3. The infrared sensor device is triggered when someone passes by Turn on the strong light mode, the strong light usually lasts 30 seconds. 4. When a person leaves the sensing range, the light will automatically switch to the dim light mode. Solar energy is used as a recyclable energy source, which is safe, environmentally friendly and endless. At present, many places in life have already adopted the effect of solar energy, such as: solar water heaters, solar charging treasure ..., the comprehensive listing of solar body sensor lights not only brings great convenience to people's lives, but also greatly Energy saving

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