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How to select a solar street light under low-budget


People choose solar street lights because it can save a lot of electricity bill and will not pollute the environment, but the fact is that there is not so much budget. How can we buy high-quality solar street lights, that’s a concern of many customers.


1. Reducing the unnecessary costs

We know the main function of solar street lights is lighting, and then we really only need lighting. So as long as the lighting demands are reached, we should not place too high demands on the appearance of street lights, only need to reach the power of the solar light. We do not need high-power lamp head or large project, so we choose a low light suitable power, which is an inexpensive choice.


2. Select a solar street light according to the actual situation of the road

Normally, a road width is 2/3 of the height of the light pole, so if we can use 5 meters tall solar street lights, please do not use 6 meters one, which can save part of the cost. When making foundations, we should check the actual conditions of the road. If it is a solid ground, our building materials can be used less, so that we can save some materials and human resource cost.


3. Purchasing new model energy-saving lights

At present, the market has sold some new type of 3.2V solar street lights, using a new type of energy storage battery. The Lithium iron phosphate battery has higher cycle times, longer life, lower price and the brightness is not lower than traditional solar street lights. And the price is more cheaper than the traditional solar street lights, so we can using this new type of solar street light system under the low-budget.


4. New lighting mode of solar light system

With the technological solar light development, the energy-saving mode of solar light is becoming more and more perfect. A muti-mode lighting system will save electricity more efficiently, it is according to the time pass habit, such as 1-4H 100% brightnessleave 50% 5-8H 70% brightness, 9-12H 60% brightness, you also can use the remote controller to set the lighting time, too. So the cost of electricity will be lower and lower, people also know the direction of development.



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