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Features of Solar Street Lamp Light Fixtures


Streets are used every day in every neighborhood for vehicles and pedestrians alike. They make passage easier and more orderly for everyone. Since they are found outside they get very dark at night. Keeping them well lit then becomes a priority. Introducing solar street lamps makes the situation a little less dangerous. 

A solar street lamp is a light mounted onto a pole for the purpose of outdoor lighting. It is supposed to provide lighting for a specific street so as to allow road users to comfortably make use of the road even when it is dark. They may be of different types but the concept behind them is the same and they usually have the following features.


The light fixtures on these lamps can easily be fixed and mounted without requiring the help of an electrician. Installing the lamp itself actually requires a minimal amount of work since it does not require any trenches or wiring. All you need to do is anchor them firmly into the ground and they are ready for use.

Easy to maintain

Once the light is installed the bulk of the work is already finished. The light fixtures usually last very long so they will take a very long time before they need replacing. Where dust and dirt is concerned they may require frequent cleaning. If your area receives a substantial amount of rainfall you can let the rain do the cleaning on your behalf. If that is not an option and you would not like to do the cleaning, professional cleaning services are available.

There are fewer movable parts on a solar lamp and that means that there is a lower possibility of damage and repairs or replacements that will be needed. This reduces the maintenance costs as compared to other types of street lights.   


Solar lights usually have LED light fixtures for various reasons. The first reason is that LED bulbs draw much less power from the source and they still give off a good amount of light. This helps to keep the battery for longer and this in turn means that the lights will be on for longer. This feature also helps maintain the efficiency of the battery.

The kind of bright white light given off by LED lights makes seeing at night much easier and reduces the occurrence of road accidents.

Another reason why LED lights are preferred for solar lighting is that they last very long. Just like the mechanism of a solar unit, the LED bulb is built to have a very long lifespan of up to 10 years. This means that the solar unit will continue operating smoothly for a long time without any need for replacement.


The whole unit is made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Some can even provide lighting for up to 25 years with minimal maintenance. This also contributes to the overall reduction in cost over time.

Solar street lamp light fixtures give good quality lighting from renewable energy and are easy to handle and work around.


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