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Characteristics of solar street light head


Nowadays, among the street light heads used in solar street lights, led street light heads are widely favored by customers. The reason why the solar street light head is so popular is its several characteristics:


1. The span life of the solar street light head is long, which is 5 ~ 10 times that of the traditional light head. Led light beads are a single 1W package, soldered on an aluminum substrate, and then installed on the surface of the radiator. In this way, it can ensure that the heat emitted by the light head of the street light can be quickly transferred to the radiator, thereby dissipating through the radiator to protect the led Light source life


2. The transparent lightshade used for the solar street light is made of polycarbonate injection molding, which has high strength and good light transmission.


3. The module head of the solar street light adopts a modular integrated design, which can be arbitrarily combined into products with different power and brightness requirements. Each module is an independent light source and can be interchanged. Local failure will not affect the normal work of the entire light, which is convenient disassembly and save maintenance costs.


4. The appearance of the solar street light head is light and thin, which can effectively reduce the wind resistance, reduce the load carried by the light post, and have a high safety factor.


5. The light head of the solar street light adopts intelligent control and constant current drive, and the power can be adjusted intelligently according to the needs. Intelligent control of high-power LED light source: Light control&Time control &Power automatic adjustment.

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