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How to ensure sufficient lighting time for solar street lights?


As a new energy technology product, solar street lights are mainly operated by converting light energy into electrical energy, and then converting electrical energy into light energy. If there is a problem with light energy reception, then the entire solar street light is just a decoration.


In summer, the daytime is long and the night is short, and the light intensity is also very strong, so you do not have to worry about the problem of insufficient light energy. However, in the winter, the daytime is short and the light intensity is not so strong, how can you ensure that the solar street lights can have sufficient lighting time ?


1) Selection of solar panels

The solar panel absorbs a certain amount of sunshine, so under the same conditions, the solar panel's photoelectric conversion efficiency is different, and the time for the battery to be fully charged is also different.


Generally speaking, there are two types for solar panel, Monocrystalline silicon and Polycrystalline silicon. Under the same conditions, the photoelectric conversion rate of Monocrystalline silicon is higher than that of Polycrystalline silicon, and Polycrystalline silicon needs larger the required area to achieve the same photoelectric conversion effect.


2) Selection of battery

In addition to the choice of solar panels, the battery is also the focus of consideration. There are two aspects to focus on, one is its cold resistance, and the other is its capacity.


Temperature will affect the characteristics of the battery. If the battery has poor cold resistance, it will reduce the activity of the battery, which will affect its own charge and discharge, and the capacity will become smaller and the service life will become less. Therefore, the cold resistance of the battery must be considered.


Lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are commonly used. It is recommended to choose lithium iron phosphate batteries. In addition to their own chemical stability, the temperature is less rigid, and the capacity is larger, the depth of discharge is deeper, and the efficiency of charging and discharging is higher. 


In addition to the choice of main accessories, we should also pay attention to the cleaning of solar street lights, especially after snowing. If the snow piles on it, form a shadow area, and then cause that the sunlight cannot be directly on the solar panel. On the other hand, the uneven conversion work will also reduce the span life of the battery board. Therefore, it is usually necessary to clean up the snow on the battery board in time.

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