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Installation distance of solar street light


The installation distance of Solar Street Light is based on the installation environment, as well as the model of the product. There are many factors that affect the installation spacing. The product parameters of LED solar street lamps play the most important determinant, and secondly, it will also be affected by other factors such as road conditions. In general, the installation distance of solar street lights mainly revolves around the following two points:


uSolar street light arrangement


The solar street lights arrangement is divided into: single side light, cross light on both sides, symmetric light on both sides, and special roads such as crossroads and bends, which can be lighted according to actual conditions.


uthe pole height


A:Solar pole installation distance for 7m solar street light

Scenic spots and parks generally favor street lamps with a height of about 7 meters, especially roads with a width of about 7 meters. In the nighttime environment, pedestrians and traffic flow in rural roads are not large, so they are generally installed by means of single-sided interactive lighting. It is possible to ensure that the installation spacing is about 20-25 meters, and if it is less than 20 meters, it will affect part of the lighting. In addition, a street lamp should be installed at the corner to avoid blind spots.

B: 8m solar street light installation pitch for the light pole

If you want to install all in one solar street light with a pole height of 8 meters, you must ensure that there is a distance of 25-30 meters between the street lights. You should install them by crossing the lamp on both sides. This method is mostly used for road lighting width requirements of 10 – 15 meters.

C: the pole is 12 meters of solar street lighting installation pitch

To install a 12-meter light pole on the road, the vertical spacing of solar street lights is generally recommended to be 30-50 meters. Symmetrical lighting should be used on both sides. The road lighting width needs to exceed 15 meters. Some as long as the requirements according to the requirements of the illumination value, there is no rigid requirement, 60-watt split type solar street light is a good choice, if you need to choose 30-watt integrated solar street light, the distance can reach 30 meters.

Installation according to the above requirements can greatly ensure the road lighting needs, and it will not cause waste of resources. If the distance between solar street lights installed is relatively short, it is unreasonable and it is easy to cause waste of resources. At the same time, the cost of investment is relatively large. Of course, there are many kinds of solar street lights, and there are many options for the configuration. It is important to give suggestions here. 

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