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The cost of solar street light and traditional street light


As we all know prices of solar panels, batteries,LED lights and solar charge controllers fell significantly in last couple of years. The main reason for this trend is rapid growth in renewable energy sector and sharp growth in demand, for not just classic solar plant or solar roof installations but also for other specialty solar products such as Smart Solar Street Lights.In application, the unique packaging style is useful for delivering large amounts of lumens at high wattages.

What is Smart Solar Street Light? In recent years many companies start to develop software and hardware solutions that allow remote management and control over solar street lights. The main reason for this is simple: maintenance of solar street lights network is too expensive. Let say you have 100 Solar Street Lights installed at your site or property. Since each unit has many components such as battery, solar panel, LED light and solar charge controller, it is very accurate to assume that some of those components, unless properly managed, will eventually fell apart.


In order to install one traditional street light at new locations without electricity access, the cost of the unit will be around 4000 USD (the unit+installation). On the other side the price of Smart Solar Street light will be around 2500 USD, together with installation. Plus there is no energy bills, energy is clean and FREE. Since Solar lights are energy independent and not connected to the grid it eliminates the need for very expensive construction works such as digging trenches and underground wiring. Numbers never lie, so in this case they clearly showed that finally we reached a tipping point where price of Smart Solar Street lights is cheaper than traditional street lights. We are very excited to follow new developments in this industry and to see what other Smart Solar Street Light solutions will emerge in this new wave.

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