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Solar Street Lights are Promoting Positive Changes


Outdoor lighting plays a key role in the design of public space. Whether it is used for roads, cycling paths, footpaths, residential areas, or parking lots, its quality has a direct impact on the community. Solar lighting will have a further impact on things. In addition to many benefits such as cost and performance, the use of solar lighting solutions has a lasting positive impact on the environment, helping to shape urban communities, and accelerating the economic and social development of populations.


Response to the challenges of sustainable development

Solar street lights are powered by Photovoltaic panels producing clean and sustainable energy. It can effectively reduce their energy consumption as well as their carbon footprint. They limit their environmental impact and play an active part in the energy transition.


Significant positive impact on the community

Quality solar lighting offers citizens a better experience of the city. It helps improve the readability of public space, thus making it more accessible and welcoming. Providing an opportunity to extend parks night-time opening hours can improve their safety. On rural roads or cycling paths, the presence of solar lighting solutions helps promote better traffic flow and reduces accidents.


 Powering mail cities through solar energy

Cities face major challenges: demographic growth, urban concentration, mobility, the evolution of citizens’ needs. To meet these, public stakeholders need technological innovations they can trust and rely on to rethink and transform the existing public space, with the aim to make cities sustainable.

This is the case for solar street lights, which are evolving to integrate and power various communication equipment and intelligent applications.


A powerful driving force for economic and social development

Deploying solar street lights on a city’s main roads, streets, and in other public places makes them easier to access, supports businesses, and improves social ties. Additionally, in more isolated areas, these lighting solutions help reduce insecurity, theft, and assaults. They have a particularly strong impact in sensitive areas such as refugee camps, where the lack of lighting leads to serious crime. Replacing oil or kerosene lighting systems with solar-powered solutions also helps create a healthier environment that improves the health and well-being of the community.

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