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Why did we choose ALL-IN-ONE Solar Street Light


What is an all-in-one solar street light?

The major part of the solar street light system are solar panels, solar charge controllers, batteries, inverters, light pole, and LED chips. However, with the introduction of ALL-IN-ONE solar street lights, it has become easier to install street lights. This lighting solution is convenient to install and no need cables.


1. environmental protection2. emergency power failure

3. long life-span

4. easy installation

5. remote control

6. simple maintenance.

       Working principle: The solar light is worked by converting solar energy into electric energy. It is connected to the solar panel and generates electricity, and the lighting is automatically controlled by light control.

Our newest all-in-one solar street light integrates solar panels, LED lights, PIR motion sensors, die-casting housing and angle converters into one. Solar street lights use lithium iron phosphate batteries to store electrical energy and are more durable than traditional lead-acid batteries. Solar energy produces bright light, and due to the use of solar LED lights, power consumption is extremely small.


The integrated solar street light automatically turns off charging during the day and turns on gradually when night falls. It works from dusk to dawn. The working distance of the built-in infrared sensor is 7 to 10 meters. When it detects movement, the light automatically adjusts its brightness. 

How to choose your best solar street light?

Investigate the climate environment of the area, such as: rainy season frequency; sunshine intensity, etc. According to the needs of lighting time, select sufficient battery capacity and suitable solar panel type and size to ensure sufficient lighting endurance at night.


The outdoor lighting design should be consistent with the architectural style. Common collocations currently on the market: modern and modern, traditional and traditional, simple yet elegant.


The choice of outdoor solar lighting places. Commonly used solar street lights are mainly used around courtyards, streets or parking lots.

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