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What is integrated solar street light


With the vigorous development of the global economy, science and technology have become more and more mature, and various countries attach importance to environmental protection, and solar lights have become a major trend in global development. Solar lights are divided into many types and use places. Below we will introduce the specific characteristics of integrated solar street lights and the reasons why they are so popular in the market.


Speaking of street lights, everyone knows that street lights are mainly used for electronic street lighting. However, many people are at a loss when it comes to integrated solar street lights. What is an integrated solar street light? Is there any difference between it and ordinary solar street lights? The integrated design makes the solar street lights more simple and fashionable, light and practical. Specifically, the integrated solar street lamp is a solar street light that combines high-efficiency solar panels, long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs and intelligent controllers, PIR human body induction modules, and anti-theft mounting brackets. . Compared with the split solar street light, the integrated solar street light is to integrate the battery, the controller, and the LED light source into a single lamp holder, and then configure the battery panel, the light pole or the arm to install, and the installation is also very convenient.


Customers who choose integrated solar street lights in the market will first consider its practicability and cost. With the same shell material, the production cost of integrated street lights is often lower than that of split solar street lights, and the volume of packaging can be better reduced during transportation, so that the freight is allocated to the unit price of the product is quite cost-effective.


On the other hand, integrated street lights usually adopt the configuration of human body induction, which can better save the power of the battery, and also has an excellent effect on the protection and life of the entire lamp. On some trails, when no one passes by at night, the sensory integrated street lamp will maintain the low-light lighting effect, the lights are all on when people come, and the lights are dim when people go. It is worth mentioning that there are many green plants in most communities. During the day when charging, the street lights may be blocked by the surrounding trees, and the charging effect is not ideal. Therefore, in this case, it is best to choose the integrated solar energy for human body induction. The street lamp, because it can effectively save power, in order to achieve sufficient lighting time at night.


At present, large-scale government projects in many countries, such as highways, municipal roads, rural trails and high-end communities, are using integrated solar street lights on a large scale. They are widely used in the market and their future development is unstoppable.

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