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How to install solar street light panels correctly?


The solar street light mainly absorbs light through the solar panel, so as to realize the photoelectric conversion behind, and successfully light up the light source. If the battery panel is not installed properly, it is likely that the desired lighting effect will not be achieved.


This installation not only refers to whether the components are loose, or whether there are obstructions above, but also the angle of its installation, some safety devices on it, etc. Don't be sloppy. Then, what problems do you need to pay attention to when installing solar street lights?


1. Select the frame material

The solar frame is often made of some steel. In fact, some properties of this material are not very good. To ensure its use effect, it is generally hot-dip galvanized to improve its corrosion resistance, etc. To save costs, cold galvanized treatment will be used. The coating treated in this way is very thin and has poor corrosion resistance. Pay attention to the identification.


If it is in some cities like the coast, the salt spray is heavy, it is best to choose stainless steel or aluminium alloy that has undergone heat treatment. They have higher corrosion resistance and higher durability.


In addition, in addition to choosing a good frame material, it is necessary to ensure that the frame and the foundation are welded or installed firmly to ensure that the solar panel can have sufficient strength and stability to withstand the weather such as strong wind or snow, after all, the place where the solar panel is installed It is best to have no obstructions.


2. Find out the positive and negative poles of the components

Secondly, pay attention to clarifying the positive and negative poles of the battery board during installation, and pay attention that the polarity cannot be wrongly connected. Even burn out the diode, so be sure to pay attention.


In addition, the wire should be as short as possible, reduce the internal resistance of the line, connect it firmly, and do not increase the contact resistance, so that the work efficiency will be higher. In addition, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature. According to this temperature during installation, the temperature parameters of the wire should be kept. There is a surplus.


3. Install a lightning protection device

When installing the battery board, you should also pay attention to the installation of lightning protection devices, especially suitable for cities where there are many thunderstorms. Otherwise, lightning strikes nearby, it is easy to generate overvoltage and overcurrent, and the back of the battery is damaged by the lightning surge.


Generally, the special power SPD for photovoltaics is installed in the DC power distribution cabinet (combiner box), and the battery panel is equipped with equipotential grounding and direct lightning protection. "Litel" solar street lights have always been relatively skilled in this aspect.


4. Do not wear metal jewellery

When installing the battery board, it is best not to wear metal accessories to prevent the positive and negative electrodes of the battery board from directly contacting metal objects, otherwise, a short circuit may occur, and in severe cases, fire and explosion may occur.

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