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How to judge the quality of each component of solar street lights?


The lighting effect of solar led lights have something to do with their quality of the configuration of each component. A small error may cause that the solar street lights cannot run stably. Therefore, how to determine the quality of each component of solar street lights? What about the evaluation criteria?


1) Solar panel

The battery module is made of crystalline silicon material which has a higher photoelectric conversion rate and must be arranged neatly in welding. To achieve better work efficiency, its conversion efficiency must be more than 70%.


2) LED light source

It is better to use Die-casting Aluminum material for the housing. The IP rate should reach IP65. The light emitted is preferably neutral light close to natural light for the solar led lights used for lighting mainly, which will have a better penetration of fog and haze and make people more comfortable.


3) Light pole

The material of hot-dip galvanized Q235 steel and anodized aluminum are the best. A light pole with this material has better corrosion resistance, longer service life, thickness greater than 3mm. Only when the height is set strictly according to the objective conditions such as the width of the road can the lighting effect be guaranteed.


4) Street light controller

The controller is best to be designed intelligently, controlling the time and brightness, adjusting the selection in combination with the rated power of the light head. It is convenient to turn on or turn off the light, and it can also save energy better.


5) Battery

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are better because of its deep discharging depth, large capacity, better cold resistance and heat resistance and less possibility of environmental factors.



Solar street light is a new popular outdoor lighting method. Only after confirming the quality of each component can people enjoy its convenience more comfortably.

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