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Quickly help you find a solar financing partner



Experts in what they do

You are an expert in what you do, so you need a financing partner who is an expert in what they do. Installers in the solar space face unique challenges that other types of contractors don’t, so you want to make sure that any bank you work with not only realizes the potential of these challenges, but also knows how to preempt them before they happen. During your studies, ask potential lenders how familiar they are with the renewable energy industry and how they have dealt with any challenges in the past.


Someone you can trust

You've spent years building a level of trust between yourself and your clients, and the last thing you want is to let an inexperienced and stable financing partner fail to deliver a great client experience, leaving your All the hard work went to waste. If the homeowner feels they can't trust the loan partner, they may feel that their program can't trust you either. There are some important questions you should consider asking when choosing your home improvement loan provider, so make sure you cover everything you want to know before choosing a lender.


Provide proper training

In an industry so reliant on providing financing during the sales process, it is critical that you and your team are fully versed in the best practices of financing the most deals. Having your sales team on the same page when offering payment options is one of the main components of making your program successful, and you may not have the time or resources to create your own training modules. Ask any potential loan partner what kind of training they offer your team.


Having a common vision

You should develop a good relationship with your potential colleague and make him a qualified partner. Before talking to a potential lender, determine what your non-negotiable values are when financing your client and what you want from the relationship. As mentioned above, don't be afraid to ask questions about online customer reviews, Better Business Bureau ratings, lender transparency, how lenders are doing during a recession, and more when making your list of questions.


Have the right products and services

Even if a potential lender checks all of the above, it won't be a great option if they don't offer the right service or product. You know your client's needs better than anyone, so make sure the lender addresses them when answering your questions. The more variety a lender offers, the more you can grow your business by reaching out to a wider customer base. Additionally, you want to ensure that any touchpoint between your customers and your financing partners is quick and easy to ensure they have a great customer experience.


Reviewing these five areas when choosing a lender can help you seamlessly integrate a financing program into your solar business, support your company vision, enhance the customer experience, and accelerate your sales.

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