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Impact of installation details on the span life of solar street lights


To ensure the lighting effect and span life of the solar street light, we should also pay our attention to the installation besides the choice of types. What are the details needed attention when installing?



1. Installation location

Where installing the solar street lights, we should ensure that the solar panel is empty above and without any obstructions, otherwise, it will affect its photoelectric conversion efficiency. And the place of the backlight cannot be selected. It must be ensured that the solar panel can receive normal light.


Secondly, although installing solar street lights does not require digging pits and burying cables like ordinary street lights, it is still necessary to dig a pit to make a cement base. Therefore, during installation, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid places where natural gas and other pipelines are buried, to prevent derivative More accidents.


2. The light source and battery board

For the battery, first of all, pay attention to avoid wearing metal jewelry or something else like when installing, to avoid affecting the battery board. The two are designed to be connected to the electric wire. And pay attention to the aesthetics, as well as the firmness of the screws, etc., not too loose, but also not too tight, otherwise, the phenomenon of the slippage will also produce bad consequences.


In addition, the angle and orientation of the battery panel during installation should be based on the principle of receiving the maximum light condition.


3. Foundation part

The specific installation depth width is based on the parameters such as the height of the light pole and the operation should be strictly carried out in accordance with the construction drawings. In addition, the local soil quality should also be paid attention to. When installing, pay attention to keeping the embedded parts, foundation, and original ground on the same horizontal plane, which can better ensure the verticality of the light pole and the ground.



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