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What are the advantages of solar landscape lights?


Solar led street lights have been freed from the initial monotony, and their functions and shapes changed quickly after years of development. The scope of application has also become wider and wider, not only for road lighting, but also squares, parks, docks, etc. It is said that lighting is actually a part of the modern landscape, which plays a role in beautifying the environment.


Compared with ordinary solar street lights, solar landscape lights have no difference in structure and basic components. They are mainly composed of solar panels, controllers, batteries, LED light sources, light poles, ground cages, etc. The difference is probably in the production of light poles and light head.



Considering the decorative effect of solar landscape lights, during the design, we will pay more attention to the shape of the light pole and the lampshade and the color temperature.  


At night, the lights are generally not dominated by neutral colors on both sides of the road, but choose appropriate colors, such as blue, yellow, purple, green, etc. to accentuate the space more rich and layered.


Generally speaking, what are the significant advantages of solar landscape lights?


1. Using solar energy as the power source. It can work anywhere there is light,  reduce the city's electrical power, and it is more energy-saving, and there is no worry about power outage or power limit.


2. The standard configuration is generally an LED light source. This light source has a high utilization rate of electric energy and is a cold light source. It will not produce harmful substances such as carbon dioxide during the lighting process like high sodium lamps or low sodium lamps. And it is with no pollution and radiation and more environmental protection.


3.The voltage is low. There are 17.5V or 36V two specifications now. This kind of voltage is very safe compared to 220v of commercial power.


4. It only needs to dig a foundation pit to make a cement base during installation. There is no need to dig a large number of pits to bury cables, which reduces a lot of previous tedious work.

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