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Lighting Market in Kenya


Kenya is a typical developing country, which is with sufficient sunshine and severe power shortage. 75% of Kenya ’s population is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and the electrification process in rural areas is very slow. Many local farmers in Kenya still live in areas where electricity is not universal.



Current using of backward lamps

At present, there are several main lighting methods in Kenya, and the percentage of using as below:


Only 19% of the population in Kenya use electric lighting equipment, which means that there are 34 million people still relying on dangerous lighting resources. About 90% of the rural population in Africa has no electricity supply, and 75% of Kenyan households still use kerosene lamps. Many small streets in the city also have no street lights, LED penetration rate is low, therefore, the prospect is pretty optimistic.




Kenya is committed to developing sustainable lighting solutions. Driven by the global low-carbon trend, the demand for LED lighting has increased year by year.


The Kenyan government promises that by 2025, the nation ’s electricity will cover 70% of the population.


"Lighting Africa" and "Green Africa" are the two Major theme projects currently being promoted in Africa. The goal is also to provide energy-saving and energy-saving LED lighting to African people. Therefore, LED lighting products with high energy-saving effects are naturally welcomed by the African market.


In Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, most of the street light poles are usually simple in style, and the lamps use a single plate type.


With the rapid development of modern cities in Kenya, LED lights is becoming more and more popular among the lighting of supermarkets, stations, shopping malls and other places, as well as tourist attractions and holiday villa. Due to the proximity to the equator, the sun is more abundant, and solar LED are also products with high local demand.


What kind of lighting products does Kenya need?

Lights with Lower cost, basic lighting functions, reliable and durable, simple operation:


Off-grid solar lighting products

Indoor small portable lamp

1W-5W LED bulb for solar energy

Emergency light

Outdoor commercial LED lighting system

Solar LED garden lights, solar LED street lights and commercial lighting

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