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The split and integrated solar street lights are only different in structure?


In terms of the structure of solar street lights, there are two types: integrated and split type. Nowadays, split type solar street light whose each component is separated and  installing is more flexible is more common. But now the integrated solar street lights are gradually becoming more and more popular.

An integrated solar led street light is to integrate and connect all the components together. It integrates solar panels, batteries, LED light sources, controllers, mounting brackets, etc. into one integrated street lamp. What are the differences between these two street lamps? Is it just a structural difference?


1) Modeling difference

Generally speaking, the integrated street lamp looks more compact and delicate, while the split street lamp is easy to give people a visual "pressure" and beautiful atmosphere.


2) Efficiency difference

Although all the components of the integrated street light are integrated together, which reduces the visual pressure, it also limits some functions. For example, under the same conditions, the larger the area of the solar panel is, then the greater the photoelectric conversion efficiency is.


Split-type street lights can be customized according to demand, while integrated street lights are not so flexible, and also need to consider the space occupied by other components, so there are limitations in efficiency.


3) Safety factor difference

Solar street lights are installed outdoors, and some people want to steal them. Whether the split street light battery is buried underground or on the pole, there is always a risk of theft.


For the integrated street light, if you want to steal the battery or something else, you can only remove the entire street lamp. This possibility is still very small, so the safety of the split street lamp is still higher.

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