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The application of Solar Street Lamp with wind turbine


Solar Street Lamp with wind turbine is a kind of street lamp that uses solar panels, a small wind turbine, batteries and a special lamp, all mounted to a standard light pole. The solar panel uses the light from the sun converting it into energy stored in a battery, which provides power for the streetlight at night. For backup energy, the light pole also has a small wind turbine mounted at the top of the pole, which creates and stores power in the battery as it turns in the wind. If the battery is full, the turbine doesn’t turn..and designed for all outdoor applications & un-electrified remote rural areas. This system is an ideal application for the campus, parks, sports clubs, and playgrounds, parking place, terrace, commercial complexes, warehouses, and village street lights.

Solar Street Lamp with wind turbine powered by sun wind and batteries. The wind turbine is a 300W power vertical wind micro generator mounted on the hybrid lamp to compensate for the lack of photovoltaic power in months with less solar hours or overnight. The mix of renewable sources on a LED lamp combined with battery storage ensures considerable lighting autonomy.

Not only can this save on  electrical installation and monthly service costs, it also eliminates the possibility of copper thefts from these poles.these solar/wind poles having great potential in remote parts of our parks, especially in areas that are hard to get electricity to and possibly as replacements for light poles frequently hit with copper thefts



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