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Die-casting Aluminum Solar street light


With the development of science and technology, solar street lights are more and more popular among users as a safe and environmentally friendly new energy that is “inexhaustible and inexhaustible”. Solar street light is composed of LED lamp base, solar lamp controller, battery (including battery insulation box) and lamp post. The LED lamp head is the key to whether the solar street lamp can be illuminated, so the outer shell of the lamp head should not only play a protective role, but also be effective in waterproof and dustproof.


The lamp head is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, with smooth appearance, soft curves, reasonable layout, light and firm. The lampshade is made of tempered glass, with good transparency and high strength. The outer surface of the lamp is sprayed with plastic, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and rain protection. The integrated design of the lamp, the driving power supply is placed inside the lamp, and it is easy to maintain and waterproof and moisture resistant.


The die-casting aluminum material is strong and light, and has a high hardness. While meeting the quality requirements of the lamps, it minimizes the weight and makes the lamps more safe and reliable. In addition, aluminum has natural advantages in heat dissipation. Good choice.


If the quality is too large, it will cause a large load on the socket and cause hidden safety hazards. Therefore, the lamp should be reduced in weight as much as possible, and at the same time, it must ensure sufficient hardness to meet the protection requirements of the lamp.

In fact, both industrial plastics and aluminum alloys can meet the requirements, but the thermal conductivity of plastics is far from meeting the demand. It is also easy to age in outdoor wind and rain, reducing the life of the lamp, so aluminum alloy is the best choice.


In addition, in terms of thermal conductivity, second only to silver, copper and gold, gold and silver are too expensive, copper weight is a problem, aluminum is the last choice, and now many radiators are made of aluminum, it is best for heat dissipation of lamps.


The solar street lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy die casting, which can effectively dissipate heat, waterproof and dustproof. The surface of the LED lamp base of the solar street lamp has been treated with ultraviolet resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the solar street lamp as a whole reaches a certain standard. It is designed with a single elliptic reflective cavity and a spherical arc surface to specifically control the light emitted by the LED within the required range. , To improve the uniformity of solar street lights and the utilization rate of light energy, but also highlight the energy-saving features of solar street lights.


There is no bad glare and no strobe, which eliminates the glare, visual fatigue and visual interference caused by the bad glare of ordinary street lights, and improves the safety of driving.

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