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bmc: work on jelas to begin soon - solar powered led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
bmc: work on jelas to begin soon  -  solar powered led street lights
Kuala Lumpur: Preliminary work on RM4. 6bil Jelapang-Selama-
Bachuan Expressway(JELAS)
It is expected to start next month, paving the way for a road that will help alleviate congestion in the north. -
Southern Expressway during the festival.
The 116-kilometer highway, which is expected to be completed in 2018, will start from the NSE of Meru-Ria and then enter the NSE of Batu-Kavan.
It will have overpasses in Klebang, Kantan Baru, Sungai Siput, Karai, Kati, Anak Kurau, Batu Kurau, Selama, Serdang and Lima Kongsi.
Betamutiara Company(BMC)
Tan Sri Bahadon Haji Ariffin, Executive Chairman of the Group(pic)
He said residential, commercial, industrial and service industries in these towns and their surrounding areas will grow and create opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.
"This road passes through many ancient towns and villages.
By doing so, many people will leave these towns, stop there, buy something, maybe stay there.
"This will boost the economic development of the towns," Bahadon said.
He added that this would create jobs that would benefit local communities and raise living standards.
"In addition, new towns and shops will develop along routes and overpasses, which will automatically increase land value.
"We plan to start our preliminary work, which is the final linear survey and next month's soil survey.
Bahadon said there were no residential areas or other obstacles in preparation for the project's alignment, adding that the road was being planned on unused land.
He said the highway would allow people to enter these towns directly without taking long detours.
Bahadon said Geralds would offer drivers an alternative route to the north or south during weekends or holidays to ease congestion in the NSE.
"There are three lanes on each side of the road, heading north and south, respectively.
"From the beginning to the end, it will also have LED street lights," he said. He added that street lights would be solar energy. -
Provide impetus for sustainable development.
The project will also see Asia's longest road tunnel, about three kilometers long, through the Bintang Mountains, Bahadon said.
After getting the green light from the governments of Perak and Penang in 2010, all that needs to be done is to get the final approval of the public. -
A private partnership unit under the Prime Minister's Ministry.
"We are very confident of getting approval.
"We're going to start this project in the first week of next year," Bahadon said.
He said they would sign an agreement with the government to give freeways a fixed discount price, which had not been fixed for the first 50 years.
This means that there will be no price increase during this period.
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