The growth of high-power LED street lights is subject to two major technical bottlenecks

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-21
The growth of high-power LED street lights is subject to two major technical bottlenecks
With the popularization of Internet technology, high-power LED street lamp lighting systems have realized single-lamp control, automatic dimming and other applications. All operating conditions of high-power LED street lamps can be fed back to the control center, reducing inspections The required manpower and material resources make the management more scientific, but the current high-power LED street lights at the moment are subject to two major technical bottlenecks. The first is light decay, and the heat dissipation problem cannot be effectively solved, which affects the service life; the second is that the effective light distribution cannot meet the needs of lighting, which affects energy-saving efficiency. In addition, the country currently does not have a unified standard for high-power LED outdoor lighting products. The product architectures of various LED street lamp manufacturers are different, and the components cannot be interchanged, which also affects the large-scale promotion and use. The sodium lamp is in the service period, and the indecent concept of “it is a pity to scrap and reduce”, and the superposition of various unfavorable factors make it difficult to promote innovative products. However, manufacturers are actively improving its technical problems at the moment, and I believe that these problems can be completely resolved in the near future. In addition, the high-power LED street lamp driving power supply and control module are installed under the light pole, and only personnel are required to participate in the maintenance, and there is no need to lift the car. This relieves the traffic jam, which is fast and fast, and the cost of replacing the sodium lamp can be recovered within two years.
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