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Selection and installation of light pole


At the beginning, let`s talk about how to choose a suitable light pole. There are many shapes of light poles. For example, Round Straight, Round Tapered, Square Straight, Square Tapered. Common ones are Round Straight and Round Tapered. What is different between Round Straight and Round Tapered. It is about the installation height. If the height is about 3 meters, you can choose Round Straight. If the installation height is 4 meters or higher, Round Tapered is recommended. The stability of Round Tapered will be better than Round Straight. The reason is the diameter of the bottom is longer than the top. It just like a triangle.


After choosing the shape of the pole, the next thing we have to consider is the thickness of the pole. For conventional light pole thickness, we recommend 3-4 meters height, choose 1.5~2mm thickness; 5-7 meters height, choose 2.5~2.75mm thickness; 8-12 meters height, choose 2.75~3.5mm Thickness. These sizes are suitable for most areas and countries. For some countries with typhoons all year round, it is recommended that the thickness of the light pole can be thicker. Because the strength of the light pole is related to the thickness. If it is too thin, then it is susceptible to being broken by typhoons.


The next thing we have to consider is the corrosion resistance of the pole. In order to prevent premature corrosion and rusting of the pole, we generally apply a protective paint on the surface of the pole. We call it galvanizing. Galvanizing is divided into cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing, which is simply a difference in process. The corrosion resistance of cold galvanizing is not as strong as hot galvanizing. Cold galvanizing generally about 2 years. The corrosion resistance of hot galvanizing can be up to 4-5 years. But in terms of price, cold galvanizing is cheaper than hot galvanizing. Judging from the surface of the light pole, most people can't see the difference between cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. Therefore, before purchasing, you need to choose a trusted supplier.

After choosing a suitable pole, we must consider how to install it. A ground cage is needed here. If the height of the light pole is 3 meters or lower, the cage is not necessary. You can dig a hole under the light pole without using a ground cage and pour concrete into it. This installation method can save your money from ground cage and hold the light pole well. When the height of the light pole reaches more than 3 meters. For safety reasons, we recommend that you install a ground cage. The ground cage is matched with concrete to improve the stability of the light pole, making the light pole stronger and not easy to collapse. At the same time, its wind resistance is also stronger. If you plan to import ground cages from other countries, then we suggest that you can buy foldable ground cages. Because of the freight cost, this kind of ground cage occupies a small space and is easy to assemble. We generally recommend our customers to buy this kind of ground cage to save their costs.

The above is about the selection and installation of light poles. If you any other concern about this, please feel free to contact us. Our factory focuses on exporting solar lamps and solar project, and we are an experienced team. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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