Talking about the characteristics of wind-solar hybrid solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2022-05-20
After years of development, new energy has been recognized and applied by more and more people, and a new situation has emerged in the market. In order to meet people's needs, our technology is constantly evolving and improving. Wind-solar hybrid street lamps stand out among many new energy sources. Spectra Electronics is a manufacturer specializing in the production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy sources such as solar street lamps and wind-solar hybrid street lamps in North China. With improvement, the following solar street light experts will analyze some characteristics of wind-solar hybrid street lights for you: (1) Wind-solar integration, strong complementarity and stability. (2) It has a wide range of use, strong adaptability, and strong practicability, and the wind-solar hybrid street light overcomes the limitations of the environment and load, and has a wide range of applications. (3) One-time input, continuous output, and low investment. (4) Green and environmentally friendly, it will not cause any pollution to the environment. (5) The performance is relatively stable and the failure rate is low. (6) Energy saving: The working principle of wind-solar hybrid street lamps is to convert wind energy and solar energy into electric energy, using natural renewable energy, 'inexhaustible and inexhaustible'. (7) Safety: DC12V/24V voltage, there is no accident such as electric shock, fire, etc. (8) Convenience: Wind-solar hybrid street lights are easy to install, do not require construction such as wiring, and have no concerns about power outages and power cuts. (9) Long service life: The wind-solar hybrid street lamp has high technical content, and the control system is intelligent, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is generally about 10 years. (10) High taste: green energy, green lighting, improve the grades of users and places of use, and are highly iconic. In a word, both wind-solar street lights and solar street lights have their own unique characteristics, which can only be better reflected in the process of use.
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