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by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
The urban development and housing sector has approved Rs 12.
94 crore is used to install solar LED street lamps in areas below local institutions in 18 cities.
Prem Kumar, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, said on Monday, \"The Department for International Development will install 3,002 solar LED street lamps (DFID)
uk-based agency
The project will help 60 lakh people in 18 urban areas, he said.
In total, local residents in 28 cities can use solar LED street lamps.
However, only 18 will get street lights in the first phase.
The DFID will start installing the lights within one month and complete the installation process within six months.
It will also maintain these lights for ten years from the date of installation.
In the second phase of the project, these street lights will be available to local agencies in the remaining 10 cities.
Modeheri of Jimbaran, gtihar, Bodhi Gaye, olangabad, Navada district, kgaol, Danapur, Bhagalpur, Jamalpur, Purnia, Phulwarisharif, Ji Schengen Jie, bowl, begutherai, beheta hajpur, will cover Gaya and Sitamarhi in the first phase.
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