Reasons for the proliferation of solar street light products

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-12
Reasons for the indiscretion of solar street light products
Solar street lights, a segment of the photovoltaic industry, but the current solar street light companies are both good and poor, and the products are shoddy, resulting in many solar street light projects, forcing maintenance every year, resulting in a lot of waste of manpower, material resources and financial funds. . For this phenomenon, the main reason is that some products that are not up to the standard are selected, there is no standard, quality inspection, after-sales, etc... Solar street light products are mostly patchwork, rather than independent research and development, and many solar street light manufacturers do not even have factories. These companies often cut corners and shoddy materials in the production process, thus bidding at low prices, causing the industry to proliferate low-quality and low-cost garbage projects. In this industry, many products of formal companies are not selected, there are no professional and technical personnel, and there is no strong management and technical ability. The construction management can not keep up, which has caused huge pressure on the owner, and the quality of the project is not foreign, and hidden projects have occurred. , Garbage engineering. As a result, there are more and more 'orphan' products of solar street lights in the market, which has destroyed the image of the industry, seriously damaged the interests of users, and caused great troubles to the road safety of social residents. Therefore, before purchasing products, customers must have the necessary understanding of the products in order to avoid being deceived!
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