los angeles completes world\'s largest led street light retrofit

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
In the past few years, LED street lights have disappeared from places where some cities want to meet industry standards.
The market has changed so rapidly, thanks to the efforts of early promoters such as Los Angeles, which last month completed the world\'s largest replacement of LED street lights.
When I reported the LED street light exchange in the city
On this blog in January, more than 80% LED fixtures have been deployed.
On June 18, Mayor Antonio villaregossa announcedPDF]
With the completion of the first phase of the project, LED lamps are installed on 141,089 street lamps.
Los Angeles is certainly not the only one in steering LED street lights.
For example, I \'ve covered many other California cities on this blog and have done the same thing, big or small.
In the third month of this year, Las Vegas completed the renovation of 42,000 street lamps with LED lamps.
month later, Austin, Texas announced plans to install 35,000 LED street lights.
On last December, CPS Energy said it would install 20,000 LED street lights in San Antonio.
However, due to its size and influence, the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
C40 leading group on urban climate (C40)
Did a lot of jumps-
Start the market. Navigant (formerly Pike)
The study recently predicted that LED street lamp shipments will increase from less than 3 million in 2012 to more than 17 million in 2020.
Los Angeles estimates that it can save at least $7 million in electricity and $2.
The use of LED street light switches avoids 5 million maintenance costs per year.
According to Eric Woods on the navigation research blog, street lights can make up 40% of the city\'s electricity bill.
LED lamps and lanterns used in Los Angeles, including the xsp series of cree and the ledway series, The srx series of hadco (
Hadco is Philips)
Compared to leotek\'s gc series, power consumption is reduced by about 63% and lasts longer
Sodium stress (HPS)
The fixtures they replaced
For more information on the Los Angeles LED street light project, please check my post or presentation for January [PDF]
Ed Ibrahim, director of the Los Angeles street light Bureau, presented at a seminar hosted by the United StatesS.
Embassy in Helsinki, June 6.
Ebrahimian said in a speech that deployment drives innovation and reduces prices \"with the improvement of led, manufacturers develop technology, energy saving is being realized and continues to increase\"PDF]
Delivered in April 2012.
Before launching the streetlight replacement program, city planners in Los Angeles estimate that LED light fixtures will save 40% of the electricity over hp devices.
As mentioned earlier, the actual savings are only over 63%.
Officials at Las Vegas also found the same situation.
\"What I have seen so far is that we have actually exceeded the expected savings,\" Tom Perrigo, chief sustainability officer of the city, told the Sustainable Cities Network.
The deployment reduced the price and improved the product.
Annual comparison of price and specifications of LED lamps compiled by Ebrahimian [PDF, p. 19]
This trend is illustrated.
On 2009, the average price of LED lamps installed on residential street lamps in Los Angeles was $432, and the lighting time was 42 lumens/watts, which lasted 80,000 hours and came with 5-year warranty.
By the end of 2012, the average cost of the same fixture was $245 and the lighting time was 81 Lm/W, which lasted at least 150,000 hours with 7-year warranty.
In the second phase of the LED replacement project, 70,000 decorative street lights will be renovated in Los Angeles.
The city is testing and evaluating 400 different styles of LED and induction lamps operating in Los Angeles.
The city also announced in April that it will expand the pilot project of GE Lighting to measure the performance of the GE optical network outdoor wireless controller unit.
The technology realizes the remote monitoring of a single street lamp.
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