Targeted quotation for the price of solar street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-11
Targeted quotation for the price of solar street lights
There are actually quite a lot of customers who have purchased solar street lights. They are mainly used for outdoor road lighting, and some are used for energy-saving lighting on rural roads, so this type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly Solar street lights are also fully used by people. For the understanding of the price of solar street lights, we need to have different specifications and prices for different use requirements. For the solar street lamp quotation, we need to know whether the customer is a project purchaser or a small-scale purchase. For the different usage, we need to follow two different groups and quote different price models. It is impossible to say that the customer purchases dozens of sets. This is the price, and the purchase of one hundred sets is also the same price. The focus of the quotation of the project company may be to be affordable, while the small-scale purchase may be to focus on the supporting facilities and the final lighting effect. Fully understand the user's real needs and approximate budget, so that you can give specific solutions and solar street lamp prices, which will be more convenient for customers to choose. Of course, the high reliability brought by the independent module of the solar street lamp besides its outstanding luminous efficiency and the high cost performance under the long life are the key elements to win the trust of customers.
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