Talking about the five traps you need to pay attention to when purchasing solar street light solar street li

by:Litel Technology     2022-05-20
First, counterfeit chips and low-end chips The core of LED solar street light is the chip, which directly determines the performance of the lamp! However, some unprofessional manufacturers take advantage of customers' unprofessionalism and use low-cost chips from the perspective of cost, so that customers can buy low-quality products at high unit prices, causing direct economic losses and serious quality problems for LED solar street light equipment. Second, the popularity of configuring false standards and exaggerating configuration parameters of solar street light is also accompanied by a decrease in price and profit. The fierce competition has also led to many solar street light manufacturers beginning to cut corners and falsely standard product parameters, such as light source wattage, solar panel The wattage, battery capacity, and even the material used for the solar street light pole are all in question. Of course, this is also caused by customers' repeated price comparisons and requirements for low prices, and it is also related to the practices of some manufacturers. Third, poor heat dissipation design and unreasonable configuration In terms of heat dissipation design, for every 10 degrees increase in the PN junction temperature of the LED chip, the life of the semiconductor device will decrease exponentially. Due to the high brightness requirements of LEDsolar street light and the harsh operating environment, if the heat dissipation solution is not properly solved, the LED will rapidly age and its stability will be reduced. In addition, unreasonable configuration often leads to the specific usage not meeting the expected value. Fourth, copper wire posing as gold wire and controller problems Many LED manufacturers try to develop copper alloys, gold-clad silver alloy wires, and silver alloy wires to replace expensive gold wires. While these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some properties, they are much less chemically stable, such as silver wire and gold-clad silver alloy wire susceptible to sulfur/chlorine/bromide corrosion, and copper wire susceptible to oxidative sulfidation. For encapsulated silicones similar to absorbent and breathable sponges, these alternatives make the bonding wires more susceptible to chemical corrosion, the reliability of the light source is reduced, and the LED solar street light beads are more likely to break and die over time. As for the solar street light controller, if the controller is faulty, during the test and inspection process, there will be 'the whole light is off\
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