fears new led street lights cause cancer insomnia, nose bleeds and even miscarriages as council is accused of ‘secret 5g wifi trials’

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
After a commission has been accused of conducting a secret government radiation test, residents fear that new LED street lights can cause insomnia, nosebleeds and miscarriage.
The Northeast Gateshead Parliament was forced to expose conspiracy theories after a series of allegations circulated on local social media.
Activists believe that transceiver devices installed on lights are actually part of a mysterious plan to test 5g network capabilities that can lead to terrible health risks.
Mark Steele, a 58-year-old activist, claimed that \"women in Gateshead are losing babies almost all semester long\" and \"sparrows have been wiped out by radiation \".
The Gateshead Parliament, however, calls this statement \"completely untrue \".
According to The Times, after some members of vulnerable groups became upset, the council publicly opposed the rumors.
The agency set up a \"direct record\" in its Facebook post and wrote: \"We know, some people terrorize the local people with false stories about the Gateshead street lights-although we and others have repeatedly told them that their allegations are completely false.
\"The Gateshead Council does not use 5g technology in any street light or any other capacity.
It never did.
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