The use requirements of solar led street lights are determined by many factors

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-19
The use requirements of solar led street lights are determined by many factors
It is related to the length of the sunny weather lighting time. The guaranteed time for LED solar street lights in continuous rainy days is designed by the solar street light manufacturers according to the needs of customers. When encountering continuous rainy weather .
Generally, the standard system configuration should ensure the lighting time of 5-10 hours per day, according to the actual situation, how long the solar street light can be used in rainy days, and under normal circumstances, the brightness of the led solar street light.
Choose a reasonable configuration.
Different regions have different sun exposure time. The choice of solar cell components and storage batteries are also different. Choose cost-effective solar street light products, so try to find some professional solar street light manufacturers to give reasonable suggestions. The power is determined by many factors, otherwise it will be shortened. The lighting time, the larger the power of the solar cell module and the capacity of the battery, when the power of the light source is determined, the scientific and reasonable configuration plan should be selected, which should meet the requirement of no less than 2 days. Lighting time, so in different regions, for the lighting time of led solar street lights, the longer the guaranteed lighting time will be.
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