The price difference between the price of solar led street lights is large

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-15
The price difference between the price of solar led street lights is large
To understand the price of solar led street light products, you must first know its value, performance and composition. The price on the market is also uneven, and the price difference is large. It depends on what quality you want to purchase. The price of a 5-meter-high solar led street light used on ordinary rural roads and factory roads is between 1500-2200 yuan, which is a 20W light source. Some unscrupulous merchants also use these lamp beads, but in order to reduce the system configuration, the number of lamp beads is enough, and the operation is not fully lit at night to reduce the configuration and increase profits. Therefore, the price difference of solar street lights is very large, and there is no fixed one. The price of 1500 yuan to 2200 yuan a street lamp is bright in the city, but the lighting time of the led solar street lamp is different, and the brightness is even different. Therefore, the purchase of solar led street lights must go to the manufacturer to inspect directly, inspect the goods on the spot, and sign the purchase contract to ensure the quality of the product and the later handling. Knight Lighting in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City is waiting for your arrival! There are many types of solar street lamp design options on the Internet, and users may look dazzled. In addition to the design of solar street light on the Internet, there may also be some solar street light manufacturers that deceive consumers. Users should not choose the cheap solar street light quotation.
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