The light-emitting principle and application scale of solar light LED

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-13
The light-emitting principle and application scale of solar light LED
Solar lamp LED module is the best light source for solar street lamp system. Jiangsu Naite Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in the production and design of solar street lamps and high-pole lamps. It has 20 years of solar street lamp production experience to create the most professional solar street lamps. Manufacturer, contact number: 13805257308. , LED light sources can be divided into indoor LED light sources and outdoor LED light sources. If classified according to color, LED light sources can be divided into full-color, dual-primary color and single-primary color.


The definition and classification of the nature of solar light LED

   Solar light LED is also a light-emitting diode, the English name is LED, and the universal name becomes LED accordingly. It contains compounds such as nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, and gallium. The optical principle used by solar light LED is When electrons and holes overlap again, visible light will be emitted. This is the reverse process of the photovoltaic effect. According to this principle, a light-emitting diode can be made. The solar light LED can be embedded in the circuit board as an indicator light. The same applies to power lights or flashing lights.

The advantages and power classification of    solar light LED

   According to the power of the solar light LED, small solar light LEDs with a power of one watt, three watts and one watt can be used. Its advantage is that it can also provide lighting in a very low voltage environment. It is practical and energy-saving. It is strong, immutable and has a long life. The high-power solar lamp not only dissipates heat quickly, but also has the same working performance, and the optical material has a slow decay rate. The service life is longer. Small LED lights are in these indicators The above is far inferior to the high-power solar light LED, so the service life is also greatly reduced.

  Optical principles and wealth application advantages of solar light LED

   The principle of large-scale application of solar lamp LED is disruptive. It changes the principle of luminescence of incandescent lamps using tungsten filaments, and does not use the three-primary toner of energy-saving lamps. Its principle of luminescence is electric field. The researchers found that, The lifespan of solar-powered LEDs is significantly longer than that of ordinary incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. Not only that, solar-powered LEDs have lower energy consumption and lower radiation.

The solar light LED module group uses a matrix combination of white light LED luminous points and yellow light LED points. Since the light emitted by the white light LED is within the visible scale, the luminous electro-optical conversion efficiency exceeds 1,500 100M per watt, so the theoretical service life of the LED module group can exceed 8,000 hours. The LED used in solar lights can also be used in stage lights and studio lights with extremely high color rendering requirements.
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