The importance of night lighting of urban street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-21
The importance of night lighting of urban street lights
At this stage, some lighting work is too rough, excessive, lack of unified planning and careful design and installation, resulting in energy waste and light pollution, making night scene lighting go to the other extreme. City night scene lighting generally requires a relatively large range, so 'energy saving and environmental protection' is an aspect that must be considered. This can be achieved through the selection of city street lighting fixtures and the placement of street lighting circuits. Some owners and designers only know the use of high brightness to highlight buildings and squares, without considering the city's own functions, individuality and economic capabilities, and lack of unified planning. As everyone knows, a large number of disorderly lighting street lights not only waste energy, but also cause serious light pollution, and the results are often counterproductive and not rewarded. Choose energy-saving lamps or bright and colorful LED lighting fixtures to achieve energy saving. Each circuit of the lighting fixtures should use the same load as much as possible and the wiring should be the most concise to reduce the voltage drop and loss of the line. City night lighting is an important aspect of embodying the personality of a city and increasing the visibility of the city. It can also beautify the city and improve the quality of life of the citizens. Therefore, it is very important to design the night lighting of urban street lights according to local conditions.
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