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led street lights in cidco areas | navi mumbai news - times of india

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
Mumbai: CIDCO has designated 70 million rupees for smart city lighting. (
LED Street Lamp)by 2018 end.
The Intelligent City Project aims to refresh streets while utilizing renewable energy.
CIDCO said that in its large-scale housing program, besides operating other public machines, it will also use LED channel lighting systems, promote electrification, elevators and pumps.
LED system has the advantages of low energy consumption, fast switching, reducing night insects, reducing glare, and improving light output even at low temperature.
Existing street lighting and other infrastructure development are traditional types.
In order to achieve the goal of \"green\", CIDCO is exploring the possibility of transferring to automatic LED energy-saving lighting system.
\"CIDCO is exploring the use of non-CIDCO-
Traditional energy sources, such as solar energy, are used in LED lighting systems, utilizing the roof space of their houses.
Infrastructure projects such as subway and international airports on anvils will only lead to increased energy consumption, so the shift to more efficient and environmentally friendly LED systems is considered beneficial to cities and people.
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